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In the real world, we know that pets are as much a part of our family as any two–legged family members, if not more so!  Sure, we know that most, if not all, furniture manufacturers recommend that our pets do not “participate” when it comes to furniture, but seriously, we all want them with us on that super comfy sofa or that incredibly relaxing chaise….they’re fam! 

The reality is our furry little four-legged family members can be harder on our furniture than humans are. There tends to be more wear and tear, especially from nails that get a little long and accidents (oops!) when they are young or old. What is really important to know, then, are the fabrics or materials that will perform better than others.

Performance fabrics are created with both pets and kids in mind.  Crafted to last, these high quality fabrics are both spectacularly beautiful and very durable as they feature high abrasion and rub count ratings, which means they meet the industry standards for high-durability home fabrics, and will stay beautiful longer.  Their features also include water-repellency and fade resistance.  You can even achieve the look and texture of suede leather, but in an easily cleanable material!

Revolution fabrics

Revolution started with an idea to create fabrics that are durable, cleanable and soft to the touch.  Revolution fabrics are 100% made in the USA in Kings Mountain, NC, by a family-owned business dedicated to their craft, your home, and our environment.   Their upholstery fabrics are known for their superior stain resistance without the use of any PFC chemicals, making them easy on your home and the environment. 

Kashmira by Flexsteel

Kashmira is a wonderful fabric created by and exclusive to Flexsteel Industries.  Kashmira is the result of years and years of intensive research and development to create a family and pet friendly fabric with the welcome benefits of being easy to clean, soft textured, and amazingly durable!  While most upholstery fabrics carry a one-year warranty, Kashmira’s warranty is 5 times longer, a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Blueberry or barbeque sauce, coffee or chocolate syrup, or ink pens and sharpie markers are no match for the incredible stain and soil resistance of Kashmira!  Best of all, you can put Kashmira upholstery fabric on hundreds of styles of furniture from Flexsteel, for your own custom look and feel!

IClean by La-Z-Boy

Iclean is an innovative new fiber technology that surrounds each fiber, repelling spills or accidents before they move into the fiber and become stains.  Household accidents typically can be cleaned up by blotting with a paper towel, but for tougher stains you can use a mild detergent and water mix. 

Iclean fabrics offer a luxurious feel, look and comfort, and are available in a multitude of pattern options.  Quality backed to stay soft and beautiful, these fabrics carry a 3-year warranty, so relax….you’re covered!